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Andhika Fajri

My name is Andhika, I am a MBA student of Manchester Business School started in August 2012 and will be finished in 2 years time.

The reason why I chose this university is that it is top 5 business schools in UK, there are 4 live projects in the curriculum which deals with real clients (so far I’ve done 1 project and running another one), and this is one of few business schools in UK that provide 2 years MBA programme.

My experience with IBEC was really delightful. I visited IBEC in late 2011 to consult about my MBA plan the next year. I can’t remember how many times I visited IBEC, but they always welcomed me very well.  IBEC provided me with the information I needed (with flexible style that I like most), handled the document submission, and also took care the visa application for both me and my wife. The visa application took much faster than normal procedure. My family once visited us here, and their visa application were done by IBEC. My mother-in-law also visited us here when my wife gave birth here, her visa application was done by IBEC as well. I thought IBEC would handle all people’s visa application but it doesn’t, only the students or related family. Very professional..


Andhika Fajri