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Client:UCFB Wembley
Date:December 09, 2014

UCFB Wembley

Football is the business – why study at UCFB?

“When the ball rolls off the centre spot at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon the perception is that this is the Kick Off.

The actual Kick Off for the thousands of people who work in the football industry is Monday 9am the week before, the month before or even years before. For the ball to roll off the centre spot it requires co-ordination from many market sectors such as finance, law, media, marketing, human resources, supply chain management and logistics.

The football industry is a multi-billion pound global business and yet there is little provision in education and training in this rapidly expanding sector.

UCFB provides best in class academic education in traditional degree subjects, which gives each student the skills, capabilities and knowledge to work within the football business and surrounding industries.”

Philip Wilson BA (Hons) MBA
Provost & Chief Executive

Football in the UK is a major industry which employs more people than, for example, the established and respected pharmaceutical sector. There are well over 100,000 jobs in the UK today which depend on football.

UCFB knows this industry well. Senior, respected figures from the football business are on our Advisory Board, developing our curriculum and teaching in our lecture theatres. Partner organisations are providing not only unrivalled insights in seminars but also access to work placements that will give practical experience to our students as they develop their CVs.

New opportunities consistently present themselves in this expanding global industry. The football industry has proved robust regardless of the economic climate over the last 100 years. This stability is embraced by UCFB bringing clubs, sponsors, established elements of the industry and new initiatives in higher education together to develop and promote graduate employability.

UCFB Wembley

As a global and iconic stadium, UCFB Wembley clearly provides you with an inspirational and motivational environment for your studies.

Walking up Wembley Way every day to the English home of football, is truly an inspiring experience. Within our UCFB Wembley campus we have facilities that reflect the excellence of the stadium with lecture theatres, seminar rooms, quiet study areas, library and media suites to name but a few.

During your time at UCFB Wembley, you will have the opportunity to work (paid and unpaid) and engage with Wembley staff and partners.

Also as a UCFB Wembley student you will have the opportunity to be interviewed for event day employment. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to not only gain experience with the best in class business environment and their partners but also to give you the opportunity to support you financially whilst you are studying. Furthermore, as is the norm at UCFB there will be a number of placements and work experience available during your degree studies.

Additionally key Wembley operational staff will also form part of our Executive Speaker programme gaining an invaluable insight into not only the operations but also to enable you to network and promote yourself for future employment opportunities.

Our Degrees

Football Business & Finance BA (Hons)
Football Business & Marketing BA (Hons)
Football Business & Media BA (Hons)
Sports Business & Coaching BA (Hons)
Sports Business & Sports Law BA (Hons)
International Football Business BA (Hons)
Sports Business, Retailing & Merchandising BA (Hons)
Sport Psychology BSc (Hons)
Stadium & Events Management BA (Hons)